I am currently employed maintaining enterprise software. I specifically enjoy writing SQL and using whatever tools I happen to have available to solve problems and save labor (programmers are, and should be, lazy!). I have solved problems using Java, Python, PowerShell, and SQL to name a few.

I enjoy retro-computing partly from sheer interest and a desire to play with things, but also because I feel that many of the things driving “innovation” currently are harmful. Playing with these old systems gives me a place of sanity. Pixelated interfaces are soothing I guess.

The little gif there was created as my personal smiley on a forum I’ve been a long time member of. I like it because it’s of the older style, and represents a time when I got really interested in smoking tobacco pipes. Horrible habit, but it was enjoyable. I suppose I just like anachronism.

I will share projects I work on here, and use this as a place to keep documentation. Hopefully it is of interest or use to someone.

The theme used on this site is Cactus.